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ThermiRF (radio-frequency) Skin Treatment


ThermiRF is a versatile tool that uses radiofrequency to serve many purposes especially in the deeper layers of the skin. This radiofrequency technology tightens skin, melts fat, smooths out wrinkles, and ablates nerves in any area of the body. This technology monitors temperature live with an infrared camera to ensure a safe, effective treatment.

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Quick Facts
  • ThermiRF can target deeper layers of the skin for a more effective treatment
  • Dr. Eviatar is one of the leading experts in ThermiRF technology
Is It Right For You
  • You would like to smooth out wrinkles
  • You have sagging skin that you would like lifted
  • You would like to get rid of the cellulite, or fat, on a certain part of your body
The Procedures
  • The face is numbed and a thin wand is inserted into a specific skin layer
  • Dr. Eviatar uses ThermiRF to control the time of heating, the temperature of the heating, and where he is heating
  • The incisions are so small that you do not need stitches!
  • Schedule a consultation with Dr. Eviatar to learn more!
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