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iLASIK & KAMRA Inlay Procedures

How you see the world affects everything you do. Being dependent on glasses and contacts does not suit a busy lifestyle. Both iLASIK and KAMRA Inlay have liberated and transformed the lives of millions of patients.

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Quick Facts
  • iLASIK: Dr. Fox specializes in iLASIK surgery, the most advanced laser vision correction surgery available, and is considered a national industry leader with over 40,000 laser and vision correction procedures performed over 25 years.
  • KAMRA: Dr. Fox has been selected by AcuFocus (the manufacturers of the KAMRA inlay) to introduce this breakthrough technology to correct near vision without the need of reading glasses. The KAMRA is an ultra-thin biocompatible ring that is placed into the cornea of your non-dominant eye to reverse the effects of near vision.
Is It Right For You
  • You want to be free from using contacts, glasses, or reading glasses.
  • There are 4 main reasons why Dr. Fox recommends the KAMRA:
    1. KAMRA corrects both intermediate and near vision.
    2. KAMRA does not have an adverse effect on uncorrected distance vision.
    3. KAMRA does not require modification years later.
    4. KAMRA is completely reversible.
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