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SmartLipo Triplex (Smart Liposuction)


SmartLipo Triplex is one of the most advanced, minimally invasive liposuction procedures available today, using laser energy to melt away fat in a technique known as laser liposculpture. It is FDA approved and has been used across the word. This procedure is a new alternative to liposuction.

Quick Facts
  • SmartLipo can be used on the following areas:
    • Hips
    • Waist
    • Chin
    • Thighs
    • Back of neck
    • Arms
    • Buttocks
  • This procedure is especially effective in reaching small, tricky areas that traditional liposuction often cannot treat.
Is It Right For You
  • SmartLipo is best designed for individuals who are in good overall health and close to their ideal weight. It may be used to remove stubborn areas of fat that do not respond to traditional diet and exercise.
  • Remember that this procedure cannot be used as a means of drastic weight loss but rather as a means to sculpt and smooth the body.
  • You can return to work in one to four days depending upon the extent of the treatment.
  • Results are immediate and permanent, as long as patients maintain their weight through diet and exercise.
  • Most patients are able to reach their desired results with just one SmartLipo treatment. However, if you decide to undergo further treatments, you can do so after four months.
The Procedures
  • Before the procedure, Dr. Funt will mark the targeted fatty areas and confirm each of them with you. Local anesthetic will be applied to each area in order to minimize discomfort.
  • Using very small incisions, a fine laser probe delivers energy that melts the fat away from surrounding tissue while another laser controls bleeding. The melting fat is gently suctioned away. The laser energy can also be applied to tighten the skin.
  • Patients will then be given specific instructions on how to care for themselves after the procedure.

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